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Multi-You = Multi-Life


Where Multiple Doers (via your many Fortodo Presences)
"Do" things for you as if you were doing them yourself
- managed by you -
- commanded by you -

On Demand, and As Desired
Virtual Doers; and Physical Doers

Wherever you have a Fortodo Presence, we can:

  • Shop for you

  • Enable Virtual Clubbing for you

  • Attend Physical Events for you

  • Run Business(es) for you

  • Provide "Facts on the Ground"

  • Do Physical Verification Services

  • Physically Check-in on Someone

  • Provide Access to Services you need

  • and so on

    We are (T)Here for You, in the Physical World, and in our MultiVerse,
    wherever your Fortodo Presences maybe

    A For; to (do) "Life" Service

    via Fortodo

    MultiYou ; MultiBusiness

    "There's More to you"

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    For; to (do)


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